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You wake up, dazed… with no memories. While asking yourself where and how you got there, a strange voice breaks through the silence: “Hey there, bud”. Under the threat of unstable individuals hunting you down, the only chance of escape is to listen to the voice…

About the Game

Bittersweet Birthday is an action game where every combat encounter is a challenging and unique fight. You can also explore different areas and help many of the NPC populating them with their everyday struggles while learning more about the world and its history.

This release is but an early demo/preview of what's to come, we hope you enjoy it and cheer us on as we continue with the development.  Our aim is to keep improving this slice of the game for a crowdfunding campaign, which would allow us to complete the whole thing.


  • A story of mystery driven by endearing characters!
  • Explore a lively village with friendly residents and their interlocking quests!
  • Punishing combat where reading the enemy is the key to victory!
  • A darts mini-game! Well, at least darts are being used...
  • Cute pixel-art characters on beautifully drawn backgrounds!
  • Fully re-mappable input and support for PS4, Xbox and PC controllers!
  • From 30 minutes to an hour and half of gameplay!

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If you want to give us your feedback or just share your thoughts (or report any bugs you encounter) feel free to join our Discord server here! You can also leave a comment down below or rate the game!


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Version 6
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Version 6
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Version 6

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Made another video

Amazing! :D

If I woke up with amnesia and some random bird dude would attack me, my first thing to do would be ask questions (and maybe question my sanity), not just shrug it off with a "I guess I'll have to kill him".

it’s hard to make questions when there’s someone trying to kill you 🌚


Made a video


I absolutely loved the visuals, the story and the flow but that boss BRUTALLY murdered me! 

Still had fun though! 😊



This game is very promising with a lot of potential! I will admit, defeating Rocc was very difficult and took my multiple tries before I could even figure out what I was doing, but the art style and the story of this game is beautiful and I can't wait for the full game to be released!

I downloaded this, and I was a little skeptical, but as soon as I opened it up, It was perfect. I hope to see a sequel or more content to this game. Goodbye!


This is great! I see you've received a lot of feedback already on the boss battle, so I'll be short with that: it might be a bit too hard for being the first boss, and the stun mechanic isn't really clear (I think I might've taken advantage of it at random). Other than that, the scanline effect works really well when exploring but made the bullet hell sections very hard to follow. I would offer an option to tone it down on the settings, at least during fights.

The story seems intriguing, and I'm really loving the artstyle and general atmosphere! I'm stuck on the end of the boss' second phase so I guess I couldn't see a big part of the demo, but I'm excited to see how this project unfolds :)


Feels awesome to play, but for the life of me, I can't get past the second stage of the boss. The kick stun mechanic is confusing and never seems to actually stun him when I pull it off just before he attacks.
Also a minor nitpick with the story, but it kinda feels weird that characters start immediately fighting. If I woke up with amnesia and some random bird dude would attack me, my first thing to do would be ask questions (and maybe question my sanity), not just shrug it off with a "I guess I'll have to kill him".


Really promising start, I hope to see this officially released someday. Obviously still early development on this, but some thoughts on it so far:

  • I think there should be more invincibility frames when you get hit. Its really easy to get hit several times before you can react and get away.
  • I'd recommend juicing the moment when you take damage some more. Some options to consider would be slowing time down, screen zoom, screen shake, particles, exaggerated animation, and some crunchier sound effects
  • Something about stamina doesn't quite feel right to me... I was originally going to just say it needs to regen faster or start regen-ing faster but I'm not 100% sure that's the solution. Maybe start with a slow regen that ramps up over time until full or you input a move.
    I also think there should be something more when stamina is depleted. A "tired" animation, sound effect, or some sort change in the player sprite - something to go along with the depleted stamina bar that's hard to not notice and tells the player they are in a vulnerable state now. This might be enough to fix that "off" feeling I have with the stamina regeneration, but I'm not sure.
  • the stunning mechanic could be clearer in some ways - when introduced, it seemed like stunning would happen whenever you kicked after a 3 hit combo. Saying something like "kick when you see a star to stun" would probably convey the mechanic better. Also it's not clear when the window for pulling off a stun closes.
  • Some notes on the bird boss's moveset:
    • The spin slash thing he does needs more/ more noticeable anticipation in some way (mostly the stand-alone version, not the version following the ground pound attack). It covers a big area, and I rarely noticed the start up because I was focused on other things on the screen, so it felt like that move could be a  cheap hit sometimes.
    • When the boss retrieves its feathers, it can be hard to tell which ones are being retrieved. Something  like drawing a feather's trajectory on screen a moment before it is retrieved could be an effective way to show where the danger zones are about to be.
    • If this is really going to be the first fight of the game, I'd probably tone down the difficulty a bit.  Difficult is good, but it might be a hard sell if people keep getting stuck in the tutorial.
    • More sound effects! Use sound more to help the player anticipate danger and sell impact. You have a great start with some moves, but others come out completely silent.

Heyy! A lot of this feedback is super actionable! Thank you so much for taking the time for writing it down!

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damn this is hard. I got to the third phase of the first boss (after 4 times), and couldn't beat it. great aesthetic, controls aren't bad with keyboard either.


Excited to play this! The game looks great.




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This game looks really great but I cannot get past the boss battle. If there was a way to give the player character a buffer after losing health so they can't take too much damage in a row, have their health slowly build back up during combat, or fully/partially restore at the start of each phase, I think that could go a long way to make this a little less frustrating. Or even just a lower difficult setting for people who are more interested in story over combat.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Actually, you do heal automatically after each phase heh. But don't worry, we're already working on ways to optionally buff the player for those who are mostly interested in the story! Unfortunately, that will come in a couple of months when we launch a crowdfunding campaign. Don't feel bad if you want to wait until then to give it a full playthrough, just make sure you follow us to know when that happens (:


loving every minute of this game though the sound, music, movement, combat, story, animation. loving it. but they are times that bugs start happening like if you keep dashing as you enter the boss room you skip the dialogue and roam around until you went back to the door and times when I load in, my character was sleeping on the left side of the bed like his floating but still can wake up properly so no problem,

suggestion: I HATE THE BLACK FEATHER THAT STUCK TO THE GROUND ESPECIALLY ON HIS SECOND PHASE,  because you get damage when it's on the ground so it's a big ass obstacle which makes it impossible to dodge in his second phase, either remove the get damage when touch or make it stuck on to the wall instead of the ground or I recommend is to make it an explosion instead of a four direction fireball like the small one from the fireball cause there is a long fuse timer, wish there is some way of removing these black feathers like rolling into them or gets destroy from light attacks in one hit. the boss itself was way too hard for beginner, I know this cause I spent a day or two just to finish this guy which should not be this long or maybe I am just bad XD, cause the black feathers on the thirds phase falls almost all the time combine with the faster slam and slice and the fire makes it also an instant death, fire should be shorter serving as a quick attack rather then a obstacle,

good luck on the game :D

btw can I do anything with rocc feathers and the book the lady in the library drop? since the depress guy move somewhere else after you talk to the lady in the library, also I try waiting for rocc to stop choking and I still won when I was about to take a pic of him choking XD

Yoo thanks a lot!!
Since this was just kind of a preview, most of the sidequests are still incomplete, so no, there's nothing to do with the feather and Emma indeed disappears from the face of the earth lol. If you try to leave towards the right side of town and Rocc doesn't interrupt you to ask if you are sure, that means you 100%'d the content in the demo!

np and yeaaah :D

Hi there, where do you plan to sell your game once it is done?

woo. look this, is friendly

no se ingles :V, el bug ocurre cuando entro spameando B

Que fue lo que sucedio? Se queda quieto sin pelear? Gracias!

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si , se queda sin pelear, ocurre durante la pantalla de carga cuando entro haciendo roll 

SAAAME I just spam the dash button as I was entering the door

The first bossfight is too hard and unfair. Attacks are completly random, healing is impossible, my attacks are so weak and I can't knock down this pigeon in most of the cases. I can understand adding second stage but 3?! Realy? One hour  of this fight and what I get? 3rd stage and instadeath. Art, story, music - everything looks good but I can't enjoy that because of the tutorial's boss fight. There's difference between bosses that are hard in the fun way (even if you need couple of days to actually win) and the bosses that are unfair :c I will try beat him tommorow, because game looks promising but for now it's just way too hard

Yo actually thanks a lot for the feedback! We know the game is tough and we like it that way, but feeling unfair is not our goal at all. We've actually spent the last week tweaking stuff here and there and we JUST pushed a small update that should make things a bit fairer while retaining the difficulty.

If you do give it another go tomorrow, be sure to re-download the game to get that new version. And just in case, a big tip I could give you is that only like two attacks actually require you to roll in order to dodge them, the rest you can dodge by simply moving in good angles. Good luck!

Glad to hear that. i also have been having difficulties with that bossfight and hearing that it may have been tweaked to add some ease makes me feel enlightened to re-download the game once more to attempt it.

I've been searching for Emma for about 30 Minutes now. Can you just not find her?


Oh yeah, sorry about that ;-; Her quest is actually not complete in the demo, apologies for not making that clearer :v If you go towards the east exit and you don't get a prompt asking you if you want to stay, that means you've 100% what's available.

How long does is take to complete the game? (I like downloading long games so I don't just finish it and forget about it)

It really depends!

If you beat the boss in few attempts and don't do anything optional it could take like 30 minutes. Doing all of the optional stuff could add like 30~ish minutes more.

i really was looking foward to this game but i just cant pass the boss fight :(


It took a couple sit downs...  but when I did it was totally worth it! Keep trying..!


thank you for the motivation, i’ll definitely try again until i beat it!!

true, here is a suggestion: NEVER go on the attack only 1 if he finish his slam or 2 when he shoots his feather and stay away from him cause he can shoot his feathers fast or 3 when your on the third phase cause do you seriously think anywhere is safe XD


I really liked this game, but I have a complaint to make. The difficulty of the battle. The opponent is very strong, there is no way to heal during the battle and the life pattern of the first boss is very unfair. But I really liked the game. I am waiting for a new version.


The boss fight was tough as hell, though I am also suspecting there's something I possibly missed in terms of the mechanics and kicking / stunning enemies that I didn't quite understand to exploit further, otherwise, enjoying the story/characters/combat

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(I tried posting this on YT but our account is cursed and comments just won't go through)

Thank you so much for playing and for your positive thoughts and hilarious commentary! It is a M E A T Y demo indeed, thoug there's a lot to do in town, everything is completely optional, be sure to speak with NPCs multiple times in part 2 if you want to 100% it! (this demo offers no rewards for doing that stuff but it will in the future). We'll make sure to improve clarity on the knock-down mechanic as well.

I hope we get recognized as the Dark Souls of button-mashing tbh lol

looks cool


Great action rpg! It is featured in my Top 5 of the Week!

Check my video. If you like Subscribe!


Loved everything about this! The story, the playstyle, the dialogue, everything! I'm definitely getting this when it releases!

Here is a play through: 


Have you ever thought about putting this game on steam? I'd highly recommend doing so. It's a great game and if it's just a demo, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the full game. I'd only ask for you to add a unique indicator for when you can heavy attack a moving enemy.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Thank you so much for your kind words during the play-through! When the full game is eventually done it will DEFINITELY release on Steam, and as far as this demo goes, we have to figure some things out before that but it's on the list!


Awesome Game! I can't wait for the Finished Version. Incredible visuals, characters, music, very challenging gameplay. Awesome!


Woaaah! Thank you for putting up your play through on YouTube! If you got anything you want to share with us feel free to drop by on our Discord and letting us know your thoughts!