The Indiegogo campaign IS LIVE!!!


We're extremely happy to announce that Bittersweet Birthday's Indiegogo campaign has officially started!! We're also throwing in a nice game update, which includes:

  • Several small bug fixes (mostly minor ones, could almost be considered QoL updates)
  • Some tweaks on how the fight feels (mainly focused on how each hit "feels")
  • SPANISH TRANSLATION!!! (this is kind of a big one 🎉)
  • A little surprise when starting a "New Game" :)

You can change between English and Spanish in the settings, so give it a try!

I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but I feel I can't say this enough: thanks for everyone who have supported us in this journey, It really means the world to us!!!

Cheers to the start of an even greater journey!!

Now excuse me while I go hyper ventilate in the corner...🙃


Windows 243 MB
Version 13 Aug 09, 2021
Mac 210 MB
Version 13 Aug 09, 2021
Linux 245 MB
Version 13 Aug 09, 2021

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I'm so glad I got on here today. I played this demo back in january and didn't realize there was a campaign going. Just got the early bird on indiegogo! I can't wait!

¡Gracias por la traducción!

¡A la orden!


I had to get the first, if not one of the first of the Early Birds :p

Thank you so much! (: