Quick bugfix updates!!

Oh my, some bugs managed to slip past our tests into the last IWOcon demo ๐Ÿ˜…

Several issues should be fixed by this release:

  • Entering some maps while rolling no longer soft-locks you.
  • Fixed an issue where moving with joysticks on the pause menus could cause it to get stuck moving on that direction.
  • Updated some sprite positions on the plaza.

And many more small tweaks that prevent some horrible things from happening!!

Note: we strongly recommend you use this build if you encountered any issues with the previous build, as it's probably taken care of here (even if it's not directly mentioned in the list above).


MacOS 184 MB
Mar 28, 2021
Windows 182 MB
Mar 28, 2021
Linux 182 MB
Mar 28, 2021

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