Our first month on itch

Yo what's up, just wanted to give you guys a quick update on how things are shaping up.

First of all, thank you so much for all the outstanding support we've received so far!!! It really means the world to us that you enjoyed playing the demo, and every single bit of feedback carries us a long way into finishing our game ;-;

Just to give you guys a quick update on what we're planning:

  • We're actively working on fixing all bugs you have reported to us (it's a long battle, but so far we seem to be winning 😅).
  • Several quality of life changes on our tutorials and the showcase battle itself.
  • A MASSIVE UI OVERHAUL, which we'll hopefully be able to show you soon 👀.
  • New items, quests and a bit more lore sprinkled in the demo, to give you a better sense of what we're cooking for the rest of the game.

Regarding the battle itself, we noticed that it's not perfectly clear how the interrupt mechanic works, which makes the fight considerably more difficult than what it already is, so we'll be heavily improving in that area. In the mean time, remember this:

If ya boy is flashing red
and he's about to attack
aim for his forehead
and give him a good whack

And finally, sorry for the lack of updates recently, we've been hard at work on some legal stuff for the past couple of weeks (related to our crowdfunding campaign), but we'll try to keep you guys more updated on what's going on!

We'll strive to post more of these type of small updates, and who knows, we'll probably release another tutorial on how one of our system works in the following weeks :)


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it's good to hear that you're still improving it 


You can STOP THE DASH???!!?

Anyway, I loved the fight, even though I didn't understand the interrupt mechanic at all.

WAIT WHAT THAT'S SICK?!?!?!(since he never charge into me)

the interrupt mechanic was really fun just that sometimes it does not work or just work.

Yeah, I think we failed to communicate that on the tutorial 😅


Great Game!


omg that’s so helpful for the battle!! tysm!! amazing project so far, super excited to see how it continues! <3 i’m already hooked on the story and super excited to continue it!